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Make sure your students are safe by screening adult volunteers at your elementary, middle or high school. We also do background checks for colleges, libraries and private schools.


We serve a diverse array of hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and pregnancy support centers to ensure the safety of their patients.


Screen your school, youth or collegiate coaches and others who volunteer with your sports teams before they start working with the athletes.

Public Service

Screen volunteers who will be working with vulnerable populations, like children, elderly or homeless, to make sure that your clients aren’t being taken advantage of.

Youth Development

Keep the children your organization serves safe by screening mentors, coaches, troop leaders and other adults they may come in contact with.

Religious Organizations

We have a service specifically for church and ministry volunteers and employees.
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Automation and Expertise

The power of automated systems and databases saves you money, and the trained eyes of expert background investigators give you accurate, easy-to-read reports. Our skilled staff reviews each background check we process for quality and accuracy before it leaves our office.

Fast & Flexible

Results are available within hours on our secure web portal. We can integrate with your tracking software.

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Background Checks for Volunteers by True Hire is your organization’s one-stop source for nationwide background checks and substance abuse screening programs for volunteers and employees. With more than 20 years of experience, we are committed to providing nonprofits with outstanding customer service, low cost solutions and quick results. Services include: Criminal Records, Sex Offender Searches, Identity and Credit Reports, Driver’s Records, Employment/Education Verifications, Reference Checks, Drug Testing and more. We can also do international background checks. All screenings conform to FCRA regulations. Visit the True Hire website for our full list of employee background screening services. Check out our dedicated sites for nanny background checks, background checks for camps, background checks for volunteer organizations,  and tenant screening.

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Protect Who You Serve

You would like to trust that everyone working with your organization has a sincere desire to help others. For most people that is true. New headlines of abuse pop up every day, so it is more important than ever to really know who is volunteering and working in your nonprofit. With proper screening, you can ensure that everyone involved in your organization is safe.

Monitor Volunteers & Employees

Insurance requirements are getting increasingly tougher. Background Checks for Volunteers can run all the required checks needed to stay compliant with your policy. Nearly a third of adults have criminal records, making screening a necessity for volunteer and nonprofit organizations.

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